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Head Instructor

Dennis has practised Ninjutsu for around 30 years, with more than 25 years of experience as a teacher and 16 years as the head of his teachers School.
Dennis began training with his teacher Sensei Mckeown in 1989 and eventually progressed to 5th Dan black belt in early 2000. In 2003, Dennis received the rank of 6th Dan black belt and was named as the successor for his school. Since then, he has kept in contact with his Sensei and continually receives Ninjutsu knowledge and teachings that are hidden from the
Dennis first began training Ninjutsu under the Bujinkan banner which was later changed to Sakushin by his Sensei.
In 2018, Dennis founded Tendo Bushi Ninjutsu which incorporates Ninjutsu combat experience, traditions and knowledge still relevant to his predecessor along with modern ways of training.
Dennis has been to Japan on many occasions and trained under and with many high ranking Ninjutsu practitioners. He has held seminar’s around Australia as well as various locations globally.

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