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Tendo Bushi Ninjutsu has been training and teaching the ancient Japanese martial art known as Ninjutsu to Victorians of all shapes, sizes and ages. Our school has been at the forefront of authentic and traditional teachings of the art in Australia under the guidance of our chief instructor, Sensei Dennis Allan, recognised throughout the world in many clubs and organisations with his more than 30 years of dedication, training and teachings.
Our senior level students, some of which have been training for well over 10 years, take on instructor roles under the direction of Sensei Dennis in order to pass on their own knowledge to eager students and to increase one-on-one teaching between high level practitioners and junior grades.
Tendo Bushi Ninjutsu strives to uphold the traditional teachings in the ways they were passed on for generations as well as continually adapting for today’s changing environment in the world of martial arts and self defence.
The school covers all forms of combat ranging from blocking and striking, to grappling, throws and takedowns as well as counters and self defence from a multitude of various scenarios including against armed attackers and limited space close quarters fighting. We also regularly train with various weaponry from swords to spears, chains, knives, sticks and much more all under the supervision and safety of qualified and highly trained instructors.
We welcome you to come train with us to achieve your own personal goals of fitness, self defence and learning the ancient art of Ninjutsu in a supportive and positive family environment.

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